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My Jaguar XF was intermittently showing Restricted Performance and DSC Not Available warning messages and it was unclear to me what the likely cause of the problem would be. The restricted performance meant the DPF could not regenerate and the DPF Full warning also came on when I drove the car to North London Jaguars.

John checked the error codes and nothing obvious was showing in the history, but the DPF being full gave some clues. Using his expertise, John found a faulty activation port, requiring a new inlet manifold diaphragm kit, which was promptly ordered and installed.  John then arranged for the car to be road tested with a diagnostics computer attached, which not only indicated that the problems were resolved but enabled the regeneration of the DPF.  John also performed a software update of the Engine Control Module (ECM) and cleared down the old error codes.

My car came back not only with the problems resolved but seemingly running better than before they occurred.  As always, John kept me informed of the work he was doing throughout the process.  I am convinced that if I had taken my car anywhere else, it would have taken multiple attempts to pinpoint the cause of the problems, but with North London Jaguars the whole matter was resolved within 48 hours including road tests, with everything done for a fair price.  I have no hesitation recommending North London Jaguars or using them for my future servicing and repair requirements.

Ray Oakley – Ware 11th November 2020

North London Jaguars have looked after my cars for more than 10 years. John provides a very personal service and I’ve always found him both helpful and trustworthy. No hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking for a Jaguar specialist.

Stephen, Enfield26th July 2020

North London Jaguars have looked after my cars for more than 10 years. John provides a very personal service and I’ve always found him both helpful and trustworthy. No hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking for a Jaguar specialist.
Stephen, Enfield26th July 2020

My Jaguar XF was not only due for a service but the air con had stopped working. When I booked it in, I noticed that North London Jaguars had moved to a new facility in Waltham Cross, which provides an even better environment for John to put his exceptional Jaguar skills to use. A broken exhaust clamp was replaced while the service was carried out, which although only a minor repair would have resulted in a MOT failure had it not been attended to. The investigation into the air con problem found only a small amount of gas remaining in the system even though a test did not reveal any obvious leak and after re-gassing it is now working fine. John kept me informed of the work he was doing and provided advice about items that might need attention in the near future. As always with North London Jaguars, I had the feeling of being valued as a customer. I have no hesitation recommending North London Jaguars or using them for my future servicing and repair requirements.
Ray Oakley, Ware4th March 2020

“I have used North London Jaguars for several years to look after my XKR and the service, value for money and quality of work has been consistently excellent – better than main dealer.”
Simon B15th January 2020

“Thanks again to North London Jaguars.
My car is like new!
Wonderful to have EXPERTS whom I can RELY upon to maintain my car in top condition.”
Thomas McEvoy, Sandy, Bedfordshire23rd September 2019

“Thanks so much for the great job you did on my Jag, drives like a dream once more!
Cheers mate, thanks again.”
Steve T – London N133rd September 2019

“What do you do when your car shows an engine management warning light on the dashboard late Friday afternoon?
Call John at North London Jaguars.
That’s what I did.
He stayed open late to see the car, found an engine air leak, and fixed it in 15 minutes.
What service!
Weekend sorted.
Thanks John.
Seamus Banim.”
Seamus Banim – London N141st September 2019

“John has fixed and serviced our Jaguar many times now. We are very happy with his service. He tells us what needs doing and is always fair to us on the price. He is always charming and easy to deal with.”
Kate Douglas – London N615th July 2019

“There is one word to describe John of North London Jaguars, superb. Nothing is to much for John and he kept me with all details and gave me the choice to decide as to which was the best way to carry the repairs he is very knowledgeable and his labour cost is very reasonable. This was the second time I used the services of John and there is nothing but praise for his honesty and workmanship once again thank you very much.”
Mohammed Bekman – London N1820th March 2019

“Great service from John as always. Always spends the time to discuss any queries and concerns.”
A. Nicola – Enfield14th March 2019

“Just an update and some feedback on the work you carried out on my S Type last week. Have covered a few miles in a long weekend away on the Kent coast and the good news is that you have cured the wheel wobble/judder from the brakes, the washers are fine and the reversing sensors are working just as they should. The only bad news is that the car is now dirty again and not sure if I can get it quite as spotlessly clean as it was when I picked it up from you.
Would like to say thank you for your efforts, the quality of your work and for keeping me updated on the status and the probable cost of the repairs. Much appreciated after the experience of having to chase other people for updates and information.
The very best thing about my experience with North London Jaguars is that I finally feel that I have found someone who cares about my Jaguar as much as I do.
Thanks again.”
Ian Thorn2nd October 2018

“My Jaguar XF was due for a service and had developed a number of other problems, which needed to be addressed either for driver convenience or to ensure it passed its MOT. North London Jaguars carried out the service, replaced worn front wishbone bushes, changed the brake fluid, replaced worn brake pads, replaced the wiring harness in the boot lid to bring my rear parking camera back to life, fitted a new number plate bulb and replaced a faulty washer bottle sensor that had been giving an annoying error message about the washer fluid being low even when fully topped up. Following a successful MOT inspection at my local test station, John also addressed an advisory item concerning corroded brake hose ferrules. I was impressed with the wide range of issues that North London Jaguars were able to resolve and with the communications I received from John throughout. Overall, another very satisfactory experience at a reasonable price for work carried out by a committed team of knowledgeable and experienced Jaguar mechanics. I have no hesitation recommending North London Jaguars or using them for my future servicing and repair requirements.”
Ray OakleyWare 16th May 2018

“John was the consummate professional when it came to analysing, investigating and resolving an engine/restricted performance warning light on my 2014 XF. After taking readings of the fault codes, he scoured the Jaguar service bulletins to track down what the issue could be. We discussed the options, from cheap and hopeful to expensive and definite, and John picked the best one that sorted everything out. Quick turnaround of the work meant I was off the road for the minimum time, so John will be my Jag Guy in future.”
Simon AylingLondon N9 5th May 2018

“My Jaguar XF Sportbrake’s front bumper sensors stopped working and cut out the whole parking sensor system. I took it to an approved Jaguar garage which replaced an expensive part which did not cure the problem and then took weeks tinkering ineffectually and producing no result. I rang John Joannou and immediately felt that he was a clever diagnostician. He not only solved the problem but spotted in the process that the Jaguar approved garage had not only done nothing but had also disabled the whole sensor system. The car was cured and was returned at the end of the service beautifully cleaned inside and out. I would not go to any other garage now and would recommend John Joannou without hesitation.”
Francis – London NW5 21st September 2017

“We have been using North London Jaguars for around 5-years to service our company Jaguars and in that time we have found them to be consistently professional, helpful and offer a level of service which we consider to be second to-none.
Previously we were using main dealers; two of whom we became entirely dissatisfied with and subsequently stopped using, the third was more helpful but not conveniently located and very expensive.
Since using North London Jaguars we have experienced a superior level of service and have made significant cost savings.
We would have no-reservation in recommending them to anyone.”
Paul Hope-Darby – Harlow  24th July 2017

“Once again North London Jaguar scores five stars out of five for replacing a tricky broken heating/cooling system fan.
Jonny Joannou may be a Jaguar Master Technician, but he is also a Jaguar Master Magician!
A tricky and complex job which would defeat most mechanics, but not our Jonny. Thank you again Jonny! You are keeping my Jag XJ8 not just alive, but in tip top condition!”
Mike Bluestone – Stanmore  – 15th July 2017

“Just want to say that I was impressed by the service from North London Jaguar. I was kept up to date with of the work being done to my XJ8. I will be using North London Jaguar for future servicing and any issues that may arise and I highly recommend their services to all Jag owners. Cheers mate, all the best.”
Imran Khan – Enfield  – 15th June 2017

“Over the years John and his team have treated our XKR with such care you would think it were there own: great quality of work and real personal service at a very reasonable price.”
Marc Wright – London W2 –  3rd May 2017

“Thank you for replacing the timing belt on my S Type. I love my Jag and it was a worry to have the belt replaced as I know it is a major job. The whole process was painless..quite a rare experience! It was booked in, I dropped it off and collected it with no hitches. Drives as smooth as silk.
I also appreciated the time you took to explain clearing the diesel particle filter..a mystery to many drivers and complying with my request for off road parking. Thank you​ again.”
Dr Kiran Coelho – Enfield EN1  – 26th April 2017

“As our Jag is only second to me in my husband’s affections (and he spends a ridiculous amount of time polishing it …), we could only entrust it to the best. Having read the other testimonials, we booked John for the service. He treated the car as his own, was honest, punctual and totally trustworthy. The beloved Jag won’t ever go to anyone else!”
Jane Curran – London N414th April 2017

“it is always a pleasure to have any work done to my Jaguar by North London Jaguars. The work carried out is always 100%, time scales are good, and the car is returned to me shining bright as if it is new. An absolute pleasure.”
Steve Trew – London N13 1st April 2017

“In life you get what you pay for. North London Jaguars are top experienced mechanics. Clayton and John have over 50 years’ combined experience working on Jaguars. Clayton was the one that worked on my car. He has been working as a mechanic since 1986. Clayton is a top communicator excellent person to know.
If you’re looking for trustworthy mechanics look no further North London Jaguars is the company for you.”
Tony Stewart – Southgate20th March 2017

“My Jaguar XF developed a problem with its cooling system, which resulted in a significant amount of coolant loss, so I needed to keep the car off the road while I tried to work out what to do. Having seen the website and read the testimonials I decided to contact North London Jaguars to see if they could help. John contacted me the same day, met with me that evening to take custody of the car and reassured me that the problem was only likely to be due to a leak rather than any catastrophic failure. John pressure tested the system next day and found the leak was caused by a faulty water pump, which had to be replaced. It was then subjected to a further test to ensure there were no other cooling system problems and the car was valeted before being returned to me.

I was impressed with the timely communications I received from John throughout the process. Being kept fully informed inspired confidence and I never felt the need to chase things up.

Overall, it was a very satisfactory experience at a fair price for work carried out by a committed team of knowledgeable and experienced Jaguar mechanics. I have no hesitation recommending North London Jaguars or using them for my future servicing and repair requirements.”
Ray Oakley – Ware  – 7th March 2017

“I want to express my satisfaction the way my service was carried out. I’ve been going to North London Motors for 3 years now and I’m very happy with their complete check of my vehicle. Expressing things I need to monitor also they’re courteous and my vehicle is always returned to me looking as though it’s just come from the showroom.”
Patricia Duffy – Enfield EN16th Dec 2016

“I have been using North London Jaguars, headed by Jonny Joannou, for nearly a year now, and can honestly say that the quality of their service, and customer care is second to none. Jag owners take a very special pride in looking after their vehicles, and Jonny and Clayton, are perfectionists dedicated to solving every problem, however big or small. A wonderful small family business run by a great person. I have no hesitation in recommending North London Jaguars.”
Mike Bluestone – Stanmore HA7  – 27th Nov 2016

“As an owner of an XF I was not too pleased to be greeted one day by an electronic hand brake fault which my regular mechanic could not resolve. Forums suggest that it’s a common fault but resolution is never simple but always costly. Rather than empty my mortgage pot to a main dealer I searched the web and found John with a long list of wonderful customer reviews surely too good to be true.

Long story short is that for less than half the cost of a main dealer replacing two front brake pads John has identified and fixed the brake fault in half a day.
Fantastic service, a real gent, and now my new regular mechanic should I get any more issues.
Can’t recommend highly enough, there’s a reason so many customers have given glowing reviews.”
Ian – Grange Park N21  – 26th Oct 2016

“For years I have been maintaining and repairing my cars at official dealerships and have been frustrated at the lack of direct contact with the actual mechanic doing the work and with the various spurious charges and diagnosis.

North London Jaguars were recommended to me by a local BMW specialist that I use for my wife’s car, when the dreaded red ‘restricted power’ message appeared on my dash. John allowed me to visit him immediately (within twenty mins of phoning, which I appreciated – try getting that from a dealer!) and offered an initial diagnosis via the plug in diagnostics, at a fraction of what the dealership would have charged. As he correctly diagnosed the inlet manifolds ultimately required replacing – a known fault on this model and a complex job.

The work took 48 hours, video and photos were provided throughout both the diagnosis and the work and the warranty company was dealt with efficiently and professionally, John acting and advising, at all times in my best interest. I would recommend both John and Clayton, both Jaguar master technicians, and would not hesitate to use them again. If you want good straight talk about the issue, no nonsense facilities and professional warrantied work, using Jaguar parts, at a reasonable cost, then John and Clayton are the answer.”
Terry – London N13  – 8th July 2016

“I am extremely satisfied with all aspects of the work I have had done. Whether it’s an MOT or Service or replacements of parts. I have always been treated with respect and very courteous. Cannot recommend them enough.”
Patricia Duffy – Enfield EN1  – 3rd July 2016

“I cannot rate John and his team at North London Jaguar too highly. I was extremely impressed by his knowledge on Jaguars in general but more importantly his work was completed to the highest standard and was very reasonably priced’”
Tony – London N8.  – 16th June 2016

“John listened carefully to my catalogue of niggles with my beloved 16 year old XKR and spelled out what he needed to investigate, and true to his word, came back within 12 hours with a no nonsense plan of action consisting of options each being costed. We agreed the extent of the works and thus outlay, without any pressure from John. The car was sorted out within the allotted time and was freshly waxed and polished when John picked me up at the nearby Station. I think it’s fair to say that with the niggles resolved I was able to renew my fondness for the motor, a relationship that had recently become a little strained! I shall definitely keep in touch with John secure in the knowledge that I’ve found an ace Jaguar expert who appreciates my limited ‘hobby car budget.’”
R. Mutton – London W13.  10th June 2016

“I started using John Joannou at North London Jaguars when I specialised in Jaguars. Not once did he fail to remedy any issues that I had with my cars and even though some of the problems were ones he had never encountered he would always endeavour to find a solution. Also in my experience, if you do not use a specialist you can go round and round in circles until you find the root cause of the issue by which time your cars been off the road far longer than anticipated and cost you more in parts and labour on items that were unnecessarily changed in the first place.
With John and Clayton you just get what you pay for 100% expertise and 100% value and honesty.”
Nick Breaks – BHP Autos.  – 31st May 2016

“Having left my Jaguar with various garages for over 3 weeks to explore a problem and then find that none could solve it I took my Jaguar to North London Jaguars and they fixed the problem within 24 hours. Not only that their charges were very competitive. Thank you to John and his team, I can highly recommend North London Jaguars.”
T. McQuade.  – 20th Mar 2016

“My XJ sovereign, (the last of the old shape) was due for its first service during my ownership.
I chose North London Jaguars based on previous testimonies and I was not disappointed. John clearly knows and loves his Jags. The car was collected and delivered back having been fully valeted.
All in all a far more personal service than you can expect from any main dealership.”
M. Frankel – London NW11.  – 16th Mar 2016

“Jaguars are very special cars – you don’t drive one without taking considerable pride in ownership. For that reason you also need to be sure that when you have it serviced or repaired, you only give it to people you can trust. I’m delighted to say that North London Jaguars and John Joannou fit that bill completely! My XJ-R came back in tip top condition after its 10 year service and MOT, running beautifully and looking a treat thanks to the complimentary valet. I also had a door trim replacement and asked John to investigate an intermittent issue with the J-gate. He was in touch continually, made me aware of the cost of the door trim and did not charge for investigating the J-gate issue, for which he recommended holding off any further work for the time being. It’s exactly this kind of response and attitude that makes me trust him completely. I will only come to North London Jaguars from now on and recommend John without hesitation.”
Lex – London N1.  – 16th Mar 2016

“I wanted a safe pair of hands to service my S Type, and get it through its MoT.
John told me what needed doing, and made some suggestions for other work. I took his advice. He carried out the work quickly, and returned the car looking cleaner than when I handed it over!
I’m very happy, and will definitely be going back to him.”
E. Kellow – London W12.  – 24th Jan 2016

“Having purchased a 1983 Jaguar XJS Series III, I needed to find a reliable and trustworthy Jaguar specialist within a reasonable distance from where I live. I am very pleased I found North London Jaguars. The service was excellent – with my list of requirements remedied with great care and attention to detail. John and his mechanic did a great job, I am happy to recommend them.”
Matt Gillard – Highbury, London.  – 11th Dec 2015

“I wanted to contribute to the customer testimonials on your website.
When I started to read what has already been posted I realised everything has already been said and it is all true. I cannot speak too highly of the service – many thanks for all your care and attention and a great job. You really are an absolute legend.”
Clive Collins – Highgate, London.  – 1st Dec 2015

“I just picked up my Jaguar X Type from John, what can I say in few words its not enough for the work he does ……I can measure in stars as its easier. Quality – 5 ☆
– Price – 5 ☆ (comparing with all service’s in London)
– Time of wait : 5☆ (John keeps what he promised)
It was my first time as I found North Jaguars London online but I will be John’s permanent client from now on as the quality, time of execution and price does not compare with other service in London. Thank you John ! God bless you !”
Cristian Jucu – Friern Barnet.  – 28th Nov 2015

“I had a small leak from my coolant system with my X-Type Jaguar.My regular garage were not sure where it was from, and recommended me to seek help elsewhere. I looked on line, and due to numerous excellent reviews I contacted this company. I don’t normally recommend other people’s work, but on this occasion I can honestly say this company is the most professional I have encountered for a very long time. I was constantly informed as to the problems, cost etc. I am more than satisfied, and will use this company in the future, if, and when I have problems with my JAGUAR.”
M. Edwards. – 23rd Nov 2015

“John was very responsive in getting the car booked in quickly and efficiently. Full service carried out with care and attention to detail. Extra little niggles were tracked down and sorted. Thank you”
Piers – London E5.  – 12th Nov 2015

“Over the past year John has successfully undertaken two jobs on my Jaguar X type, each of which my regular garage was unable to do. The most recent one in January, a couple of weeks ago, was a particularly complicated one involving a serious coolant leak in the middle of the engine V section, which involved a tricky inlet manifold removal(the inlet housing seal had to be renewed as did the Knock sensor 2). In the case of the latter job I took the car in for John to preview the problem on a particularly busy morning when other customers were clamouring for his attention, and I was impressed by, and grateful for, the fact that he did not just give my car a cursory look, but conscientiously spent some time on it in order to make a preliminary diagnosis. The cleaning of the car after the job was done was an added bonus. As a consequence I will without hesitation be bringing all car/mechanical work that needs doing to North London Jaguars in the future.”
Wes Ashwell.  – 5th Nov 2015

“John is an extremely reliable and competent mechanic – and infinitely preferable to using a main Jaguar dealer in my opinion. After I experienced the dreaded “green shower” when the hydraulics in the hood of my 2002 XK8 convertible exploded, John did a great job of fixing the problem. He gave very clear quotes at each stage along the way, so I had complete control over costs and could decide on the extent of any work being carried out. All in all, a very satisfactory result which goes to show that owning a 10 year-old Jaguar XK8 convertible doesn’t need to be a scary experience!”
Ben – London N1.  – 25th Oct 2015

“Hi, my first time to North London Jaguars, and the experience was absolutely marvellous, These two guys are very good indeed they know Jaguars inside out. They treated my S Type as if it was one of their own, I felt that the car was in good hands, …. Once car was booked in, they worked continuous until it was finished. I was very happy with the work, and will certainly be going back whenever need be, …… I am admin to to forum on FB called Jaguar X and modern S type support. We have 1,400 members world wide, I will most certainly be advising any of my members that are in local vicinity to use North London Jaguars.”
R. Lancaster – Enfield EN2.  – 17th Oct 2015

“Thank you so much John for the excellent service you gave my Jaguar XK8. I have no hesitation to recommend you to any one who wants really good Jaguar service. I know because being my self a Jaguar member for many years is very important to trust your garage.”
Les Thomas – Palmers Green, London N21. – 12th Oct 2015

“I was looking for someone who’s experienced and have in-depth knowledge about Jaguar cars; found NLG online and from the testimonials John fits the bill. John was pleasant, courteous and professional throughout, the issues with my Jag was solved and the car now runs smoothly. Car was washed before collection, thanks. A health check was also performed and I will be visiting in due course for some maintenance work. Highly recommended! Top man!”
David – Bush Hill Park, Enfield. – 19th Sept 2015

“I am happy to recommend North London Jaguars. Their service was very good and at a very competitive price.”
Simon G – London N4. – 18th Sept 2015

“I have taken my car twice now to North London Jaguars and my experience has been very satisfactory on both occasions. John not only knows what he is doing but also loves what he does. He is reliable, constantly in touch, charges very reasonable prices and he is very trusting when it comes to being paid. For all these reasons I would not hesitate to recommend London Jaguars.”
Pablo R – Harringey, London N4. – 21st Jul 2015

“I was very happy with the work you did on my XK8 and for me the the fact that you provided me with a daily update and also called the next day after I got the car back was what gave your service the extra personal touch. Also thank you for fixing the car so quickly. I will be happy to recommend North London Jaguars to my friends and family.”
Chris – Palmers Green, London N21. – 19th Jul 2015

“John is just what I was looking for – someone who knows Jaguars inside-out; cares about what he does; offers good value for money; and is able to work around the customer’s diary. Highly recommended.”
R – Barbican, London EC2. – 6th Jul 2015

“I have been using North London Jaguars for a number of years, and find them very reliable, and a company I can trust, who are very experienced and knowledgeable in the workings of Jaguars and also other makes of cars and I will carry on using them.”
Edward H – Winchmore Hill, London N21. – 2nd Jul 2015

“I found John on-line and chose him on the strength of the references and the proximity of location. The cost of the work was significantly less than quoted by the mainstream Jaguar garage and the quality of work far in excess of previous work by that garage. John was really helpful in getting the car from me and to me, and in helping me understand what work needed doing and what could be left for another day. I will definitely use John again.”
Laurence Zentner – Muswell Lill, London N10. – 30th Jun 2015

“Thank you so much for the work you have done on my Jaguar. I am very pleased with everything and the efficiency and courteous manner from both you and the driver that returned my car back to me, looking like it had just come from the showroom, having been taken and cleaned inside and out. This is my second time of leaving my car for you to work on, and to be honest in this day and age, its good to find someone that I can trust. Many thanks John.”
Patricia D – Enfield. – 30th Jun 2015

“Just to let you know I returned on Monday evening after an eight hundred and fifty mile round trip to Spa in Belgium to watch the classic car race meeting. Thanks to your diagnosis and repairs, with the replacement of the coil packs, the XK8 ran superbly without a hiccup. Managed 27.6 MPG over the whole trip, which included a lot of pottering round small villages in Belgium. Thanks again for your prompt repairs and friendly service.”
Daryl M – Edgware. – 27th May 2015

“With ever increasing service costs, I had been considering getting rid of my beloved Jag, until I discovered North London Jaguars. Now, not only are the costs manageable, but also the level of service is an experience in itself. Keeping in touch every step of the way, with expert advice generously given, you are guided through the possibilities, and then given time to decide on your preferred action. My advice? If you don’t have a Jaguar, go and get one – otherwise you will be missing out on the best car servicing in London!”
Jenny L – London NW3. – 27th May 2015

“Where most garages promise a lot and deliver very little, North London Jaguars are a refreshing exception to that rule. John is a friendly and knowledgeable mechanic with prices that are realistic. He quickly identified and resolved the “niggly” little issues that most garages don’t like to undertake. My XJS has gone from just being a good example to a car that really turns heads. I am happy to recommend North London Jaguars without hesitation.”
Amar – London E17.  – 7th May 2015

“I thoroughly recommend North London Jaguars to all Jaguar owners.
John is professionally expert in all aspects of the cars. For me he solved problems the main dealers could not, so glad I found him.”
Derek – Enfield. – 29th Apr 2015

“Once again North London Jaguars has come up trumps.
We were about to embark on a long drive to our skiing holiday in the French Alps when we noticed that the car wasn’t running well. Symptoms included a lack of power, juddering, a hissing noise and excessive exhaust fumes. John took the car in immediately and returned it to us fixed within 2 working days which has given us peace of mind for our upcoming drive.
This is the fourth time we have used North London Jaguars and we are unable to fault the level of customer service, the quality of the engineering skills and cost effectiveness. Thank you!”
James & Gill – Muswell Hill. – 1st April 2015

“You came recommended, and “as it said on the can, excellent knowledge, well trained competent Jaguar technicians”. Thank you very much, an easy to understand assessment and quote, and the work well done. The car felt like it was new after collection. At short notice, the day after service I took my XK8 to Switzerland, she did not miss a beat and did a faultless 600 miles. I would thoroughly recommend John and his team for their service, attention to detail and personal touch.”
Chris M – London SE16. – 27th Mar 2015

“Just had car worked on by John, gave me excellent service would recommend him to anyone, very helpful and detail invoices, at a very competitive rate. Thanks again.”
Kevin – Cheshunt. – 25th Mar 2015

“North London Jaguars was recommended by my business partner. After meeting John and having a good conversation you immediately know you’re in good hands. John is a straight forward mechanic who knows what he is talking about. John has the experience to give you the correct advise and is an excellent communicator. Finally I have found a mechanic I can trust. Thanks John.”
Tony Stewart – Southgate, London N14. – 24th Mar 2015

“Driving my car after John’s service was like driving a new car. Everything was perfect and running beautifully. And…. Great price! Many thanks.”
S. Trew – Palmers Green, London N13. – 3rd Mar 2015

“My first experience of John is that he is capable, courteous and professional. He’s just worked on my XKR and I’ll be going back to him in due course to give it the love it deserves.”
A. Eugenio – New Barnet EN4. – 2nd Mar 2015

“Thank you for emailing me the receipt and it is a pleasure for me to write this email because you have made me a very happy person! I had previously taken my Jaguar to be repaired by another garage. They had my car for 4 days & they could not identify the fault. I found your services after putting in a Google search for Jaguar repairs specialists. I was drawn to your site because it showed that you had won an award as an expert Jaguar cars mechanic. Despite you having a number of other Jaguars scheduled for repairs on the day I brought my car to you.
It took you less then 1 hour to identify the fault with my car and do the repair. I also appreciated that you kept me informed with your progress and stipulated your charges initially, which were considerably cheaper than any other garage. My beloved car is now driving perfectly. Your honesty & integrity and expertise has from this day onwards made me your loyal customer. Until now I have always feared taking my cars to garages to be repaired because quite often they drive worse after the repair and develop more faults within a short time of being worked on.
I have no hesitation in saying that you are definitely an expert mechanic & I highly recommend other Jaguar owners to try your services. I am convinced that others who try your services will also be very pleased that they have discovered you.”
Rakesh Tiwari – Wood Green, London N22. – 26th Feb 2015

“John delivered a thorough and expert investigation and repair, as usual.”
Paul – London, NW1. – 20th Feb 2015

“North London Jaguars Ltd., owned and run by John Joannou is, in this day and age, a unique business. John treats our beloved Jaguars as if they were his own, and his clients as though they were close family. His complete knowledge, his advice, and attention to detail, together with his full and extremely courteous service are exemplary, and make a required visit a pleasure, including the price!”
Peter Jones – Whetstone, London N20. – 19th Feb 2015

“Thank you John for the efficient resolution of my fuel problems. As always, your professionalism and incredible expertise have been clearly evident, and complete confidence in your diagnoses and remedies are a given. Thank goodness for North London Jaguars !”
Kingdom – Muswell Hill, London N11. – 10th Feb 2015

“After purchasing my first Jaguar I needed some done to the mechanics and leather. I was recommended to John who looked after me in both regards and has since completed a full service. The car now runs like a dream. John is a very experienced Jaguar mechanic withy many years under his belt, but is also very knowledgeable about all things Jaguar. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who needs a great job at a reasonable price.”
H. Gold – Hendon, London NW10. – 4th Feb 2015

“Excellent service received and work carried out was to an exceptionally high standard. I can’t recommend NLJ enough and wouldn’t dream of taking my car anywhere else. Thanks.”
Steven – Notting Hill, London W10. – 29th Jan 2015

“I received top class and professional service which was honest and helpful. I was kept informed of progress and costs and received professional and helpful service at all times. I have no hesitation recommending North London Jaguars for honest and reliable service.”
Ali – Palmers Green, London N13. – 28th Jan 2015

“I was extremely pleased with the service on my car, and found North London Jaguars to be honest and courteous. Was extremely satisfied when my car was returned to me looking it had come straight from the dealership. Would recommend them, and would certainly be happy to have them deal with my car in the future.”
P. Duffy – Enfield. – 16th Jan 2015

“Best mechanic and best service in London. Very fair and transparent approach to the cost of repairs. Perfect service. Thank you. I recommend to all.”
Marek Sawicki – Trans-Fair Removals Ltd. – 5th Dec 2014

“Whilst your reputation had preceded you via my parents, you failed to disappoint, the car was picked up when it was supposed to be, dropped off clean and shiny by a very courteous and charming young man, the two problems had been remedied, and even the brakes which we hadn’t discussed seemed more responsive, on a scale of 1-10, an easy 10 possibly an eleven, thank you for making it hassle free.”
Stephen – Borhamwood. – 1st Dec 2014

“I was having serious issues with my X-Type Jag Estate. I was losing power and clouds of black smoke was coming out of the exhaust. I took the car to a local garage in High Barnet who stated I needed 4 new injectors. The new injectors were replaced and I was given a bill of £1500. After a week the car was no better. I took it back but they were unable to fix it. I saw Johns website and contacted him. I took the car to him and he diagnosed the fault. He maintained contact with me throughout the repairs informing and asking permission for work to be carried out. The car was fixed to my satisfaction and I have my beloved Jag back and running like a new car. I thank John for his professionalism throughout and with his communications to me, always updating me. The car was also valeted upon return. John’s e-mail address is at the top of my list and I would use and recommend him.”
R. Ridge – East Barnet. – 1st Dec 2014

“John Joannou has just changed the sump gasket and rear anti roll bar bushes on my four wheel drive X Type Jaguar. I took the car over to him for a quotation, the price was agreed and the car booked in for repairs. The car was repaired within the agreed time, at the agreed price and was cleaned. I found him to be very easy to deal with and he does what he said he was going to do. I will not hesitate to ask him to work on my car when required.”
Maurice – Watford. – 15th Nov 2014

“John was recommended via the Jaguar Forum. To find a local garage with such a professional attitude and no long winded excuses is a breath of fresh air. Nothing was too much trouble, thank you for the lift to work, and so accommodating. Extremely polite, helpful and efficient, a good few main dealers could learn a lot from North London Jaguars. John’s logical and thorough approach to my repair ensured my car was ready when I needed it. Highly recommended, keep up the good work!!!!!”
Chris – Enfield. – 13th Nov 2014

“John carried out a full service on my 19 yr old Jaguar XJ6. He came and picked the car up, and throughout the service and related work he kept me informed at all times of any problems, or work that needed doing. With a complex car such as a Jag you need someone who knows exactly what they are doing, and who knows these cars inside out, and John obviously does with his wealth of experience. In other words he is a specialist in Jaguars. I am definitely going to be contacting him again for the next service, and he has also said he is happy to take any questions I have about the car, so this gives me a lot of confidence. I would have no hesitation in recommending John and North London Jaguars.”
T. Balsdon – North Finchley. – 13th Nov 2014

“As Personal Assistant to the Chairman of an investment company I was commissioned to source an expert to find out and fix what was wrong with the Jaguar. Via the search engine I came across North London Jaguars. I cannot fault John on his undoubted expertise, his honesty and integrity, and his ability to put himself into the customer’s shoes. He keeps the customer fully informed throughout the process and in a cost effective manner. It seems that to John his company is not just a business but a passion to do the right thing for his customer base. For my part in a support role John has been key in helping me to do my job properly and resulting in a faultless job well done. Both professionally and personally I wholeheartedly endorse North London Jaguars as the ultimate solution provider.”
Kathryn H. – 21st Oct 2014

“After we lost the keys to the XJS we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent service you have given in getting the car restarted with the new keys and security, nothing was too much trouble for you or your staff and we are very grateful to you for helping us get the car back on the road.”
Linda and Rodney White – Hadley Wood. – 21st Oct 2014

“North London Jaguars always provide excellent service; nothing is too much trouble. They always go that extra mile to solve any problem quickly and efficiently. Would definitely recommend.”
R. Moir – N. Chingford. – 16th Oct 2014

“I am of the opinion that John Joannou of North London Jaguars Ltd is one of the most professional individuals that I have ever had the pleasure to deal with. His approach is direct, his explanations are clear and precise, and nothing is done without reference to the client. Down to earth genuine advice comes with the other services provided, I feel that my Jaguar ownership just became a whole lot easier to manage with the assistance of NLG Ltd”
Andy Withers – Enfield. – 22nd Sep 2014

“I am very pleased in the way you have carried out the service to my car and would recommend you to friends who are Jaguar owners.”
Tom Whyman – London N20. – 4th Sept 2014

“John’s level of professionalism and knowledge of Jaguar cars is extremely impressive. He kept me fully apprised of what he was doing throughout the investigative works and repairs to my XJ6 so there were no surprises when it came to the bill. The repair work was done to a high quality and I will definitely be using North London Jaguars for all future maintenance and repairs.”
Paul – London NW1. – 14th Jul 2014

“We found John’s leaflet on my friend’s car front screen and decided to give it a go and try his service. I have had many negative experiences with car mechanics especially with big commercial chains in London. With John – it was like spiritual revelation, as a car enthusiast and Jaguar fan after my first visit and servicing the car, I knew that John did not only read about Jaguars cars in a book, he has been servicing and mending Jaguars for the last 25 years. Professional mechanics like John easily can lift up your spirit and really makes you believe in the car industry, especially with their craftsmanship and skills. For some people servicing their own car may be just a service, but for someone like me good service means a lot. Who else except John will be able to deal with your Jag, I will put hand on my heart and say by long way, I have never met before such a good and professional person as John.”
Alex – Colindale. – 17th Jun 2014

“I first came across John and North London Jaguars when a professionally produced double sided A5 glossy flyer had been placed on my windscreen at Brent Cross shopping centre about 18 months ago. I kept the flyer on the ‘off chance’ that I may contact them if I had an issue and wanted a second opinion and continued to use the same people look after my car needs.

Earlier this year, I had an issue with my remote control. A Jaguar main dealer failed to diagnose satisfactorily the problem and after exhausting my usual avenues I decided to call the number on the card. The telephone call that day transferred my loyalty from my usual mechanics to John. I met with him initially and liked his down to earth approach and initially let him loose with solving the remote control issue that I had. After quickly diagnosing and fixing the fault, John also highlighted a couple of recall notices that my vehicle required. I arranged for Jaguar to attend to these but also made the commitment for John to thoroughly check my vehicle for any issues as well booking his time to carry out a major service.

John’s honest, open and friendly nature coupled with his extensive knowledge of Jaguars sets him apart from his peers. I have no hesitation in recommending him as your mechanic of choice.”
Martin – Alexandra Palace. – 16th Jun 2014

“Our experience with North London Jaguars has made us feel good again about owning a Jaguar. John is a gifted technician, which matches his fantastic customer service skills. Our car is out of warranty and a local garage had been dealing with our servicing and repair needs but this time they were not able to handle the complexities of fixing the car. We were dreading having to deal with the main Jaguar dealer where we have never had a good experience. So thank you John for getting us back on the road with a smile on our faces. We will be coming to you in future for all our Jaguar needs!”
James – Muswell Hill. – 10th Jun 2014

“John provides a wealth of Jaguar expertise at very reasonable prices. I would not go back to main dealers having used North London Jaguars. A great, and personal, service.”
S. Walsh – Greenwich. – 23rd May 2014

“I was recommended to use John by my car’s previous owner. I have had many negative experiences with mechanics, however North London Jaguar have restored my faith in the industry. Great service, deep knowledge and that rare skill of delivering against expectations. Keep up the great work.”
D. Cottage – Essex. – 16th May 2014

“John at North London really has gone the extra mile for us from collecting the car from our house in North West London to sourcing an obscure part, repairing the fault, having the car MOT’d and returning it to us in pristine condition. In the meantime he kept me frequently up to date on what was happening on the repair. I wish I’d discovered North London Jaguar a few years ago! Thank you John.”
Ashley – North West London. – 21st April 2014

“I contacted John after buying my Jaguar XJR from a Jaguar Dealership. I have had numerous problems with the car and the dealership and was utterly dissatisfied and unhappy with their service and technical ability to correct all the problems with the car. John has worked on my car, undertaken research to find out the causes of all the problems and fixed the problems with the car and restored my confidence in my XJR. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending John. Top Boy!”
Tony – Crouch End. – 13th Apr 2014

“Hi John..Just a quick note to say although I live in Sidcup it was well worth the journey in order to avail myself of your professional and expert service…Many thanks.”
David Powell – Sidcup. – 21st Mar 2014

“Great service indistinguishable from a main dealer except at a much lower cost. My car was collected from home, serviced and delivered home cleaned. John kept me up to date at all points, gave me honest advice as to what needed to be done and what also didn’t. Would definitely recommend”
James – Hadley Wood. – 18th Mar 2014

“John at North London Jaguar was so helpful. He helped me find the issue with my XK and was always attentive and I couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you and I shall be back soon.”
Shahab Mirjafari – Golders Green. – 3rd Mar 2014

“John has been absolutely superb in resolving some issues with my XK8 as well as the standard service. I was kept fully informed and involved all the way through and he was entirely reliable on timing as well. A breath of fresh air after my past experiences – highly recommended!”
R. Chweidan – Barnet. – 24th Feb 2014

“John was highly recommended to me by a regular customer of his. I found his work to be accurate and completed in a timely manner. Furthermore, I believe that I saved a substantial amount due to his wide ranging experience. In short, my car was repaired for a very good price and as agreed – couldn’t really ask for anymore! I will definitely be a repeat customer.”
I.D – Cheshunt. – 11th Feb 2014

“I have found my experience with North London Jags to be absolutely brilliant, very efficient and extremely good value.”
Helen – Muswell Hill. – 5th Feb 2014

“Hi John – Just to say thank you for your excellent service. I found you to be honest and friendly keeping me well informed of what was needed and costs involved I would have no hesitation in using your services again”
Colin Driver – Hampstead. – 25th Jan 2014

“We would just like to say a big “thank you” for your excellent service when we were in trouble with our Jaguar S Type. As you know, we could not disengage the park brake, therefore we had no car over the Christmas holidays. Thankfully, we were given your name by a neighbour and you were soon round to resolve the problem. After the Christmas holiday the car was collected and the job completed the same day, after which the car was returned looking absolutely immaculate. You are now our “Jaguar Man”!!!!”
David – Crews Hill. – 13th Jan 2014

“My car, X Type Diesel, was due for its 75k service. I dropped the keys off to them and they collected it, and returned it to my home serviced and valeted. I was very impressed. The bill – £303 with Jaguar parts. My nearest Jaguar dealer wanted £527.”
Andrew H – Oakwood. – 6th Dec 2013

“Thanks again for the excellent service. The jammed door was a real pain but you resolved it with a great deal of patience. Your knowledge of all models of Jaguar cars is remarkable. It was expensive, but represented great value. Finally this 14 year old car is driving beautifully.
I would wholeheartedly recommend you to any Jaguar owners.”
Derek Wheeler – Enfield. – 29th Nov 2013

“I came to North London Jaguars because my local garage weren’t able to diagnose and sort out the faults showing up on my car. I realise now that sometimes you need to go to a specialist. I have been very impressed so far and John has gone out of his way to sort everything quickly and at my convenience.”
Karen – Muswell Hill. – 6th Nov 2013

“John at North London Jag, too good to be true, but it’s true. He is a real professional, very knowledgeable in Jags and gave our S type the treatment it deserved. Totally devoted to his profession at a fraction of the Jag prices. Highly recommended.”
Gabi – Southgate, London. – 28th Oct 2013

“John has been a good find. He was a great help when I first contacted him when we were buying our X-Type estate second hand. He pointed out the things to look out for and it was good to get a few answers from an independent source. A year on we took the car to him to be serviced and MOTed and he did a great job with top notch customer service, including dropping the car back, which was a real help. He explained everything he’d done or that may need doing, laid out the costs simply and I’d highly recommend North London Jaguars on that basis.”
Simon – Finsbury Park, London N4. – 16th Oct 2013

“I’d like to thank John for superb customer service on carrying out a major service on my XKR. He is a very knowledgeable chap who knows his Jags inside and out. He was extremely helpful and his level of workmanship is second to none. His service also doesn’t stop once you picked up the car, he’s always been willing to help with advice and recommendations. I’ll be using his services from now on and also recommended him to my father for his S-type.”
Jody – London. – 13th Oct 2013

“Just to say a huge THANK YOU for once again treating my car with such TLC. My Jaguar is so special to me and to be so confident and assured that you will look after it with such knowledge and professionalism means I can enjoy it even more.
Thanks again John”
Tom McEvoy – Enfield. – 9th Oct 2013

“North London Jaguars were very helpful when my XJR needed urgent attention. John called me whilst he was away on holiday and arranged an alternative for the short term, then followed up with a courtesy call when he returned to the UK. He then went out of his way to get a range of quotes to suit my budget and was very accommodating when I was unable to collect the car at a later date. Overall, John’s communication and thoroughness means that I’d be more than happy to give North London Jaguars repeat business in future.”
Dan – Muswell Hill.- 6th Oct 2013

“We were very impressed with the quality of customer service, from the moment we made contact with John to the time our XF was returned to us in pristine condition. Great attention to detail and a real feel for Jaguars. Highly recommended!”
Monica & Rob – Finchley. – 27th Sep 2013

“After having two North London main Jaguar dealers investigate a strange noise coming from the engine/gearbox I was told by both that they could not find anything wrong and charged me for the investigations, both over £100.00.
I found North London Jaguars by accident and tried again to get to the bottom of this.
John said ” I like a challenge” and within 45mins had not only pinpointed the fault but temporarily fixed it. After the work was done, trans drive out, gear box out and change 2 oil seals on the crank and gearbox.
My X type now runs silently and the cost was way below main dealer prices.
Fantastic job, I will never go anywhere else.”
AMES GLASS – North London. – 27th Jul 2013

“This was my first experience with North London Jaguar and I was most pleasantly surprised. The attention to detail was remarkable and the price was very acceptable. I would have no hesitation in recommending North London Jaguar.”
Malcolm – Barnet. – 13th Jul 2013

“I tend to be sceptical of website reviews, but having received some truly scary quotations from other Jaguar garages, I spoke to John. He impressed me with his knowledge and straightforward, honest approach. My S-type was serviced and returned in tip-top condition. John offers a professional, competitive and personal service, and is a true Jaguar aficionado. I wish I’d found him years ago!”
Michael – Finchley. – 10th Jul 2013

“I have used North London Jaguars for three years now and have found the company to be reliable, trustworthy and helpful. The fact that they are prepared to come round and collect the car when it is due a service, and then drop it back to me afterwards is particularly useful to those with a busy schedule.”
Mort Mascarenhas – Harrow. 1st Jul 2013

“John Joannou at North London Jaguars has been brilliant and indeed excellent applied with a sense of humour! He knows his stuff inside out and is always willing to offer clear helpful advice in a way that you can understand. I recently had a problem with the Jag turbo, John got the part next day and sorted it within hours! For service, repairs or advice this is the first place to go with your Jaguar.
I fully recommend North London Jaguars!”
Professor St James – London. 31st Jun 2013

“I am very happy with the service and work carried out by North London Jaguars. The honest appraisal and realistic quote gave me a great deal of confidence. The work was completed on time and was even cheaper than the original quote.
I would certainly recommend to others.”
Brian Pearce – Enfield. – 26th Jun 2013

“I would like to thank John for the amazing work done on my Jaguar S-T type, he was helpful, friendly and worked in a professional manner. The after care is truly something amazing, I had an issue irrelevant to the work carried out and called John for help, not only did he guide me on how to solve the problem but he also checked up on me a couple of hours later to see if the problem was solved.
Thank you John for everything. Best Jaguar specialist in London.”
Fred Mederios – Edgware. – 15th Jun 2013

“I have used North London Jaguars a couple of times now and cannot recommend John highly enough. He is a very experienced Jag man and clearly knows his stuff. Perhaps more importantly he takes a professional but personal interest in the car and in sorting out the problems I have had. He is happy to try to find the root cause rather than just shoving on new and expensive parts. You will not regret taking your car to NLJ.”
Richard – Finchley. – 28th May 2013

“John at North London Jaguars has serviced my X type on a regular basis and also carried out other jobs that have needed work, he is very professional and keeps you up to date with work in progress, very helpful in his approach and price wise is very competitive.”
Terry – Edmonton. – 21st May 2013

“Your service was exemplary will certainly recommend you to others.”
Phil – Muswell Hill. – 20th May 2013

“Great service from John. Engine fault 3 days before needing the car for a family trip. Called John about 5pm and agreed to drop it off to him at 8am next day. By lunchtime he diagnosed the fault, called me with a price and fixed it by the end of the day. Great price, great service and happy family. Car won’t be going anywhere else from now on.”
Steve – London, N1. – 9th May 2013

“Always pleased to use this firm – reliable, polite and efficient. Always explain exactly what is required and why. A delight to deal with.”
P Gower – Winchmore Hill, London N21. – 28th Apr 2013

“I had my car serviced by North London. The service I received was excellent and I will be recommending them to others. Thanks.”
M Nazir – Kingsbury. – 21st April 2013

“A very professional and friendly service from North London Jaguars. This included collection and delivery of my vehicle from my home at a time convenient to me and a thorough explanation of work carried out, potential issues to look out for in future etc. The cost of the service was certainly very competitive and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend John to any Jaguar owner.”
Rupen – Hertfordshire. – 9th April 2013

“I had acquired my Jaguar XJ8 and knew there were some issues that would need attention- namely rear suspension and 60,000 mile service. John was fantastic from the start- very supportive and informative; especially as this was my first Jaguar. He explained all options and possibilities- where essential and non essential work would be required and allowed me to decide on what I would be willing to spend. After opting for replacing both rear suspension parts rather than the rear left only- thus saving on labour and giving a new feel to the drive of the car; I was delighted with the speed of repair (the car even came back spotless!), cost and attention to service. I would not hesitate in recommending John Joannou and North London Jaguars to any of my friends and family.”
Lee P – St. Albans. – 3rd Apr 2013

“John has been servicing my car for the past 2 years and throughout that time he has provided a most friendly, reliable and efficient level of service. His attention to detail is very ‘old school’ in the best possible sense where technicians take pride in their work. His fees are certainly very competitive and he exudes a sense of trustworthiness.
I wholeheartedly recommend John to all Jaguar owners.”
Dr. Nathaniel-James – Winchmore Hill, London N21. – 10th Mar 2013

“I have no reservations at all in recommending John Joannou at North London Jaguars to any Jaguar owner. You should definitely consult him before going anywhere else. I am confident that you won’t be disappointed.”
Rob – Oakwood. – 8th Mar 2013

“After finding John via the internet I’m not going to let him go!!
I’ve known him for just under a year and in that short time he has helped me out on several occasions.
I remember once when the car broke down locally with over heating problems, without fuss or hesitation he came out to me, immediately found out what was wrong and organised for the car to be put on a ramp in a local garage that he knew. After reaffixing the bottom hose and without charge, I was on my way again. That was one hell of a favour that I shall not forget in a hurry.
He has given me top service and advice whenever the car needed attention, and I would not hesitate in recommending NLJ to any of my family or friends. Many thanks John.”
Bill Wilkinson – Southgate, London N14. – 1st Mar 2013

“I am very pleased with the work carried out on the exhaust of my 1996 XJ Sport. First-class service at a fair price.”
Nick Cranston – Palmers Green, London N13. – 12th Feb 2013

“John is a mechanic I would recommend without hesitation, he was polite and willing to discuss options available for service and repair. The car was serviced to schedule and returned clean. The cost was very reasonable and fair. North London Jaguars was recommended to me and I was delighted.”
Gordon – Grange Park. – 28th Jan 2013

“The experience I had with North London Jaguars was a good one. You were ready for me on the appointed day, all the work carried out as agreed and the car cleaned to a high standard no mess inside.”
Mike Cranstone – Enfield. – 14th Jan 2013

“John took the time to look over my entire car and pointed out items that needed urgent attention. The service I received from John is far above what I had previously experienced from a Jaguar service centre. I will be back very soon. I know my car is in safe hands.”
Shaieb – Golders Green. – 27th Nov 2012

“I can’t speak highly enough of John as a person and Jaguar engineer. He treated my car as his own. My car had a fuelling problem which he diagnosed and repaired very, very promptly, after which I decided to leave the car to be serviced. My car has been worked on by a few specialists who where good, but John in my opinion, is the best out there, a real different level of professionalism and customer care. I would struggle to take my car any where else now as i am now a new convert to North London Jaguars!. Keep up the good work John.”
O. Bannis – London N8. – 16th Nov 2012

“Thank you for making sure my Jaguar is back in good shape. I found your service and attention to detail a true credit (which is why I keep returning – as you have found the problems others bypassed or didn’t fix). I also find your instant response and communication unlike what I have experienced with many garages, including the main dealers. It is great customer service.
I will most certainly bring my other vehicles to you. You will have my full recommendation to all my other colleagues and friends.”
Terry Jarvis – London W2. – 5th Nov 2012

“I found the service at North London Jaguars knowledgeable and helpful, I would recommend them to other Jaguar owners for a comprehensive and competitive quotation for any upcoming work or services. John is friendly and easy to engage with, providing information and options around any issues found in order to help you make an informed decision on any work required.”
Lee – London N8. – 29th Oct 2012

“Just wanted to say thanks for all your help on my pride and joy!! I know it’s the first time you have seen my car, it certainly won’t be the last. It’s great to know I have found a guy that is working for and on behalf of the customer. After numerous calls to other garages and main dealers alike, you were the one from the first call that made sense of the situation and didn’t want to rebuild the whole seat electrical system when just the module was at fault, which again instead of replacing we opted to fix.
I think with the rear view mirror, the seat and remote you have saved me hundreds of pounds!!
In such a short time I believe I have found someone I can both trust and rely on, a valuable commodity in this day and age.
I will have absolutely no problem in recommending North London Jaguars in the future , you will be my first call every time.
Thank you and see you soon.”
Julian – Kent. – 25th Oct 2012

“Hi John, thank you for looking after our old Jag. It was a great help that you talked me through the work necessary to be done now and the jobs that could easily wait. Saved us quite a bit of money. It was very much appreciated that you collected the car. Made life easier (for me). All the best.”
Eberhard von Wick – Totteridge. – 22nd Oct 2012

“In this current world of rip off main agents it is really refreshing to deal with somebody like John who really knows what he is talking about and will fix your car to a high standard without the stratospheric costs associated with main agents, and even better he is a very nice guy and really accommodating often dropping everything to check out faults. Thanks and best wishes.”
Trevor – Enfield. – 6th Oct 2012

“John went out of his way to give me fast and convenient service, at a very fair price. He is friendly and courteous, as well as extremely competent. It was a stroke of luck to find him and I wouldn’t consider taking my XJ8 Sport anywhere else. Thank you John!”
Karen Porter – Holloway. – 4th Oct 2012

“I recently bought a Jaguar XJ Sport, which I instantly feel in love with! However, I was concerned about the servicing costs and also the maintenance of the car. After receiving a full service from NLJ at a very competitive price, John has also given me some quotes on other work that is needed on the car, which are also competitive and fair. From my brief meeting and telephone calls with John I can say his customer service and knowledge of his Jaguar are indeed excellent. I trust him 100% with his work and advice. It is a weight off my mind to know that I can fully trust John with my car and money!”
Philip Shanahan – Southgate, London N14. – 4th Jul 2012

“You are someone who knows what they are talking about and doesn’t try to screw every last penny out of the customer. Also, you listen to the customer and check a few days later that things are as they should be.”
Alan Byrne – Finsbury Park. – 2nd Jul 2012

“John at North London Jaguars is fantastic. His hallmarks are courteous service, excellent quality work and fast turnaround times all at very fair prices. John is a pleasure to deal with and I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.”
Colin Grossman – Mill Hill. – 30th Jun 2012

“NLJ gave me the best customer service I have ever received; all geared toward complete customer satisfaction, going out of the way to make it easy and efficient and at an amazing price. Thank you so much.”
Yvonne Di Rienzo – Whitewebbs. – 30th Jun 2012

“The pleasure in owning a Jaguar used to diminish with every service. How could a new car need so much work to be done at every service and at such cost! My experience was the same at several main dealers and a leading independent Jaguar specialist. Fortunately now with North London Jaguars I am confident that my car is being well maintained, without unnecessary work and at a realistic cost. Highly recommended.”
Iain McLundie – London N21. – 26th Jun 2012

“John is always polite and willing to discuss options available for repair. A trustworthy, knowledgeable mechanic that I would highly recommend.”
Ben Goodman – Whetstone. – 14th Jun 2012

“I have no problem putting a testimonial on your website. It is the only reason we decided to go with you after all your positive reviews and I am glad we did!
Thank you for a brilliant service and all the money saving options, I am so glad we found you. It’s a breath of fresh air not to be stuck dealing with a dealership that are only interested in the money they generate from each customer and not actually interested in customer service.
Your flexibility is also a brilliant plus point, not many would give up a Sunday afternoon!
I have no problem if someone would like to contact me regarding the service I have received.”
Jenny Salter – London N12. – 29th May 2012

“John (Joannou) manages to combine the highest standards of Jaguar maintenance, servicing and repairs with a warm, friendly and personable manner and fair prices – what more can one ask? He is particularly expert at rapidly correctly diagnosing faults in Jags; a great relief to have ‘found’ North London Jaguars, having in the past spent a good deal with other garages on ‘chasing false trails’ without a problem ever being truly resolved.”
Lee Lewis – Oakwood. – 19th May 2012

“John, was really helpful and serviced our car flexibly, picked up and dropped our car off too. Service was brilliant, really pleased we have found someone reliable to carry work out on our XF.”
Rosina – Enfield. – 12th May 2012

“John at North London Jaguars was very honest, helpful and professional and went out of his way to assist me with the problems I had with my Jaguar. His knowledge and advice was invaluable and I will not hesitate to continue using North London Jaguars in the future.”
James Whithurst – Palmers Green, London N13. – 5th May 2012

“John is providing an excellent service at North London Jaguars. He keeps you informed, has an eye for detail and helps to keep the cost of servicing down. From now on there is only one place where I am getting the car serviced. Thanks.”
Nick C – Palmers Green, London N13. – 5th May 2012

“Great service, brilliant correspondence, fantastic respond and also save me some money as well. Keep doing it John and will recommend to everyone with Jaguar.”
Todor Trankarov – Barnet. – 28th Apr 2012

“I have found North London Jaguars to be very good as to service, repairs, cost and dealing with insurance claims.
I have also found them very considerate in collecting and returning my vehicle at no extra cost. Best Regards.”
Mr K.G. Bowman – Barnet. – 2nd Apr 2012

“I am pleased and relieved to have found North London Jaguars. At last I can talk with someone that cares about doing a good job and knows what they are talking about. John was very clear with the diagnosis of my XJ, thorough in recommending a course of action and mindful of keeping the costs sensible. Car collected and returned (clean), and all jobs done courteously, promptly and thoroughly. Any repairs, problems, MOT or servicing needs and I will be straight on the phone to North London Jaguars. Thanks.”
Guy – Stratford. – 30th Mar 2012

“The work was carried out efficiently and with care. The car is running beautifully. You also collected and delivered the car (clean) when the work was completed. I will recommend you to my friends and family.”
Yani – London. – 28th Mar 2012

“My S-type had a coolant leak from the underside somewhere so I go to my usual garage for an inspection. They called me back 2 days later saying that there is a lot of work to be done on the car and I should consider selling it. They had a second Jag specialist in for an opinion also. Sounds scary at first… Looking for a second opinion myself, calling friends, searching the net etc… I finally found North London Jaguars. They booked my car in the following day for a quote. Conclusion was accurate and the work seemed to be pretty straight forward. I picked my car up after 2 days but that included a service, timing belt and the initial coolant leak. I vas very satisfied with their customer care and also with the prices. All in record time. Best experience as such in while!! :):)”
Andy – Hendon. – 25th Mar 2012

“As someone who appreciates both professional knowledge and my bank balance, I’ve found North London Jaguars to be the best of both worlds. A very friendly and flexible yet consummately professional service from a skilled and confident engineer, combined with a fair rate. If you want expert knowledge but don’t want to pay exorbitant main dealer fees, NLJ is the place to go. Highly recommended.”
David Rendall – Winchmore Hill, London N21. – 20th Mar 2012

“I have driven Jaguars for over 15 years and it is a great relief to find a reliable and competent mechanic and will certainly be using North London Jaguars again.”
Alan Sherman – Southgate, London N14. – 20th Mar 2012

“There is no one I trust more to look after my XJ8. John will always find the best solution, taking great care to explain the problem and get me running again with the least excitement. I depend heavily on my car and always worry but John is a true specialist and puts my mind at ease right away. Thanks John.”
Gago – North London. – 11th Mar 2012

“I can wholeheartedly recommend North London Jaguars for repairs and servicing. I have an XK8 which had firing problems which other garages, including a main dealer, could not identify. John at NLJ went through various options and pinpointed a problem with one of the coils. In my opinion North London Jaguars give attention to small and large problems and provide a personal service with value for money.”
Rom Schmidt – Muswell Hill. – 9th Mar 2012

“Thanks for the follow up call, may I say that from the moment I met you I felt at ease, you know it’s nerve racking when things go wrong with the Jag. From diagnosis to completion you showed a willingness to deliver ASAP but mindful of cost to me. Many many thanks.”
Ian – Mill Hill. – 7th Mar 2012

“We would highly recommend John’s friendly & efficient service which comes at a very good price.”
Graham – Enfield. – 4th Mar 2012

“John, thanks for the work you carried out for me on my X type.
I must say, that the service on the car was thorough. The follow up work which was needed was also carried out in a very professional manner, with you keeping me updated as required. Your list of brake and tyre condition etc. allows me to know their state, thus enabling me to plan for future replacement; of course that will be with yourself.
I will recommend your services to other people.”
Tony Garwood – Chingford. – 22nd Feb 2012

“Without any hesitation I would recommend – North London Jaguars – for their honesty, excellent service or repair, providing attention to each individual customer needs and a very fair price. Please keep up your good standards!!!”
A.T Alexander – Grange Park, London. – 12th Feb 2012

“I’ve had excellent prompt efficient personal service at North London Jaguar. If I have a motoring problem I know I can rely on John to sort it.”
Dr. B – Southgate, London N14. – 1st Feb 2012

“I was really happy with the service I received from North London Jaguars. Both personally and for the car. The Report I got on items that may need attention in the future told me how thorough John was compared to a previous company I took my car to. For example, I knew I had a problem with my air con pump leaking, which I found out from taking it to another company, however, the previous garage that carried out my service could have seen this then. I know the leak was there then. Attention to detail makes a big difference.
Mustn’t forget how much I saved compared to going to a main stealer.”
Nathan Hulse – Enfield. – 22nd Jan 2012

“I found John of North London Jaguars most friendly and professional in his approach, very knowledgeable and competent with his diagnostic and repair service. Anyone owning a Jaguar, any Jaguar – with a problem, needs to talk to John in the first instance.”
Gerry J Goes – Jaguar S Type Owner. – 29th Dec 2011

“I am delighted with the quality of workmanship and service provided by North London Jaguar.
John offers a personal service with the flexibility to respond to changes in circumstances.
John has also been very helpful in sourcing the correct parts at reasonable prices.
I have no hesitation in recommending North London Jaguar.”
John Fazakerley – Winchmore Hill, London N21. – 9th Dec 2011

“I have been using North London Jaguars for the past 3½ years to service my Jaguar XK8. The overall service level has been very good, the work that has been carried out has been to a high standard, rates are competitive and the personal service is very convenient. I have recommended North London Jaguars to friends in the past and would not hesitate to do so in the future.”
Bradley – North London. – 23rd Nov 2011

“Just to say a big thank you for you time on Saturday morning. My Jaguar XJ8 now looks complete with the leaping cat on the hood.
I would recommending you to anyone who owns a Jaguar what ever model, for someone who knows what they are talking about and someone who cares for the cars that you’re working on. It shows in the way you approach to your work that you love the job and long may your attitude continue.
It was a pleasure doing business with you and you have a customer for life.
Kindest regards.”
Rolf Gyorffy. – 31st Oct 2011

“North London Jaguar were recommended to me by a friend. I have now used John twice and have found the service to be friendly and professional and very competitive on pricing. I have already recommended John to two other friends and will definately be using him in future. Many thanks.”
Trevor Felton. – 26th Oct 2011

“If you have a Jaguar then I wholeheartedly recommend North London Jaguars. John will collect your Jag for servicing and return it to your door at no additional cost. He will go over your car methodically with the style and care of a true mechanical expert and will find the best cost effective solution for you. Not only that, he will talk you through everything and let you know the exact cost before he works his magic. I love my Jaguar car and I feel very lucky that North London Jaguars is looking after it for me. I was considering selling but I’m definitely keeping it now I know it’s in safe hands. I’ve been driving for 33 years and have used many garages but I’ve never come across such a genuine service, it’s very rare!”
Dave Ritchie – Kentish Town. – 22nd Oct 2011

“I would have no hesitation in recommending North London Jaguars. John has serviced my Jaguar for the last two years and is a highly skilled Jaguar engineer. He is meticulous in his work and extremely thorough in his vehicle inspections. I have always found him very helpful and his rates extremely competitive.”
Paul Houldsworth – Winchmore Hill, London N21. – 19th Oct 2011

“A good, skilled, knowledgable, and most importantly honest mechanic is like gold dust. Yet with John at North London Jaguars, it seems like I’ve found all of the above. I know where my car will be having all of it’s work done in the future.”
Turkel Mahmut – Palmers Green, London N13. – 12th Oct 2011

“This was the first time that I have used North London Jags and was impressed with the door to door service. John provided an excellent service at competitive prices and I will definitely use him again and recommend him to family and friends.”
John V – Palmers Green, London N13. – 9th Oct 2011

“I talked with John Joannou by phone concerning the electrical problem on my 2003 XKR convertible. He diagnosed it instantly, arranged an appointment and obtained the part.
Being a Jaguar ‘petrol-head’, I talked to John while he carried out the replacement repair and it is obvious that he has extensive technical knowledge of the modern Jaguar. Work was finished in a friendly manner within a couple of hours, and I drove away a very satisfied customer. I feel that I can go back at any time with every confidence that any work needed will be done to the highest standard, and without any hidden extras. You might even get ‘tea and biscuits.”
Alan Gibbins – Borehamwood. – 7th Oct 2011

“Having used your services for various faults on my s type, some extremely serious, I have no hesitation in recommending you to other owners of Jaguars, I have found you to be honest, and diligent in all your undertakings. I wish you all the luck and success you surely deserve.”
George Hanna. – 13th Sep 2011

“I started using John to service my S Type a few months ago and we have a successful, trusting relationship. I have found John to be very knowledgeable and he explains everything in simple terms, both verbally and in writing. John gives detailed pricing, therefore you know what it’s going to cost beforehand, so no nasty surprises at invoice time ! Jags are not the cheapest cars in the world to service, but mine has never run better. I have no hesitation in recommending North London Jaguars.”
C. Wilson. – 27th July 2011

“North London Jaguars provided excellent service and total professionalism, would gladly recommend to others.”
A. Nevies – Hendon. – 22nd Jul 2011

“North London Jaguars were exceptionally helpful during a particularly stressful period I was experiencing with one of London’s leading Jaguar dealers. I had purchased an S-type and within just a few months a host of things went wrong – including a particularly frightening incident that almost cost me my life. My experience with them in attempting to rectify the various problems was horrifying and totally unpleasant.

I turned to North London Jaguars for assistance. They were helpful and consistently professional at all times, and I was happy and truly satisfied with their attitude and all the work they carried out for me on every occasion.

I would highly recommend their services without reservation.”
Dennis M. – 8th Mar 2011

“I would like to thank you for the level of service and the prompt turnaround on the repairs to the company’s X-type Jaguar. The overall experience was excellent and the cost savings were significant. I would have no-reservation in recommending you to anyone and will be using North London Jaguars to carry out all of our servicing and repairs to the Jaguar from now on.”
Paul Hope-Darby, The Water Services Support Group – Enfield. – 2nd Apr 2011

“I have received fantastic service from North London Jaguars for the past few years. Fast and comprehensive one to one service from John at great prices. I would recommend NLJ to anyone.”
Graham Stafford – Director at Tunegrove Ltd. – 6th Mar 2011

“I have been using John for my old XKR since the Jaguar warranty expired a couple of years ago. He has picked up several things the main dealer overlooked. I feel much more confident in John’s Jaguar expertise, knowledge, skills and experience than in the main dealer, not to mention the considerable saving in labour costs. John is reliable and runs the business extremely professionally.”
Tony – West Hampstead. – 18th Feb 2011

“Once our Jaguar was out of warranty we wanted to find someone local who we could trust to service and maintain our car with the same knowledge and expertise of the dealership, but without the extortionate rates that go with it! John was recommended to us by a neighbour who also has a Jaguar. He collects and returns the car, his advice is honest and practical and he does a great job – a truly personal service.”
Paula Miller – Palmers Green, London N13. – 26th Jan 2011

“I cannot say enough good things about you John Joannou / North London Jaguars. You have delivered your service with passion, energy and expertise for the past three years you’ve looked after my Jaguar. Your willingness to explain in detail any problems personally has given me peace of mind.
Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge with me. Best wishes for your continued success.”
Savvas Georgiou – Palmers Green, London N13. – 24th Jan 2011

“I can’t live without North London Jaguars – John has been looking after my cars for years now – I love my Jag and without John its not possible! John provides an excellent service he is honest, reliable and has always been a pleasure to work with !”
S. Rees. – 18th Jan 2011

“At last, a trustworthy and dependable quality mechanic!
When the main dealer wrongly told me my car couldn’t be fixed economically and tried to sell me a new one instead, John from North London Jaguar stepped in. He identified the real fault right away and fixed it the same day for a fraction of the other price quoted. A year later and my car is still running like a dream and I have switched my servicing to NLJ too.
No hesitation in recommending North London Jaguar to everybody – the service is excellent AND value for money.”
R. Razzell – St Albans. – 16th Jan 2011

“We are more than happy to recommend North London Jaguars as we have found your service to be professional, courteous,
knowledgeable and all for a reasonable price. It’s always easy to recommend someone who is prepared to go the extra mile in the name of customer satisfaction.”
Michael M. – 12th Jan 2011

“If ever I have a problem, John (North London Jaguars) is the first person I turn to. The service and after care is exceptional.”
George K – Palmers Green, London N13. – 12th Jan 2011

“A very friendly and knowledgeable guy, John’s skills are second to none and his charges are very sensible. North London Jags will be looking after my S Type from now on and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to any other Jaguar owner. Simply the best!”
Jeff B. – 11th Jan 2011

“North London Jaguars are a breath of Fresh air.
The level of work is faultless, the service is impeccable and if ever there is an emergency your call is always answered with a smile. I would go nowhere else.”
K. Sion. – 11th Jan 2011

“I would like to say that I have just found North London Jaguar by accident, but wish I had found them years ago, I would have saved a lot of not only grief but Money !
John knows his specialist subject, and because you talk to the guy doing the work, and not a ‘service manager’ who is no more than a sales man trying to get you to spend money you get a better, quicker and cost effective job !!!”
Adrian Dalton. – 10th Jan 2011

“Finding a garage that you can rely on, that provides top quality professional work and will always provide you with an honest approach, is something that I value very highly. In North London Jaguars we have found all of these attributes and after recommending it to my family, they are now all converts and enjoy the same level of service and professionalism.”
David Garwood – Enfield, Middlesex. – 9th Jan 2011

“Great, personal service…..very knowledgable, and experienced.
100% recommendation!!”
Neil Bowman.  – 9th Jan 2011

“John is a nice, friendly guy who is easy to deal with. He’s looked after my car for the past couple years and has always provided a great service.”
Marios Hadjioannou.9th Jan 2011

“North London Jaguars gave me a fantastic service, being helpful and knowledgeable about the problem with my car. John went out of his way to go beyond the normal service received from my original Jaguar garage….and that was pretty good! Many many thanks.”
Lynne Baker. –  8th Jan 2011

“You can certainly add me to your web page as one of the totally satisfied customers with best impressions regarding the highest level of service that we have received so far from North London Jaguars.”
Michael P.  –  8th Jan 2011

“I would like to express in writing my sincere thanks and gratitude for your advice and directions given to my mechanic over the telephone regarding the remedy of the behaviour of the engine of my XJ8 3.2 Jaguar.
You were absolutely spot on with your conclusion that the problem of the intermittent functioning and misfire of the engine was due to the worn out oxygen sensors, downstream and upstream, on the A bank of the engine and not to the body throttle or the engine control module as I was advised by another mechanic earlier on. Your advice saved me a small fortune.
The codes P1632, P1121 and P1646 have now been self erased and the indications “Fail Safe Engine”, “Stability Control Fail” and Gearbox Fault” have also gone.
After all these, my peace of mind came back to normal and I love driving my Jaguar, the engine of which is now functioning like a bee.
I recommend your services to any Jaguar owner. Good luck and wish you all the best of life.”
T. Yiallouros.  4th Oct 2009

“John is a knowledgeable and reliable mechanic who always provides an efficient and friendly service.
Price-wise I have always found him to be very competitive. Without a doubt, I would recommend his firm.”
Serena – Central London.  – 24th Sept 2009

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